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Empowered magazine focuses on bringing practical life skills to women to help them be successful in any situation including daily living, emergency preparedness, self-sufficiency, and so much more. Each issue will include step-by-step instructions in each area, as well as beautiful full-color images that will bring to life ideas and practical skill sets that women can learn easily. This website is new, and still being worked on, so check back often for new information as well as resources and recommendations.

We are a new publication for women that centers on lifestyle and life-preparedness skills that are easy, replicable, and necessary in an emergency. Bringing awareness to women to get more prepared for emergency situations, or even just everyday tasks like buying a car, is our goal. We want women to be confident in handling everyday tasks, or know exactly what to do in an emergency because they are prepared.

During the last two years, we have been keeping our ear to the ground on what information is needed in communities, and getting women to think differently and get back to basics has been the cry we have been called to answer. We have different articles, including agriculture, finance, self-defense, emergency preparedness, and everyday tasks that have fallen to the wayside of women being prepared to live their lives to the fullest.

More than just a lifestyle magazine, Empowered is a life-preparedness magazine.

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Tips Anyone Can Do

We love getting great tips that help live life a little easier, cleaner, and healthier. Check out our Tips Pages and find some great nuggets of wisdom. In this issue, we show you how to make a fabulous household cleaner that is chemical free and leaves your house smelling amazing!


Tired of Public School

Tired of sending your kids off to school where you feel left out of their learning curriculum? Kids getting tired of learning things they feel is unnecessary? Homeschool is not what it used to be, and you will be amazed at just how much more enriching school can be if you take the reigns!


Emergency Foods

We are bringing you back to the “good ‘ole days” when ladies would “put up” their jars (canning) and preserve foods for up to two years for some processes. If there is a food shortage, you can start to learn canning with a detailed step-by-step instruction guide to help your family prepare for an emergency.

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